1. Bernie Marcus- Facing Risks, Overcoming Obstacles

    Every successful business has to start small. Home Depot is no exception. When Bernie Marcus started the company, there was no hint of its incredible growth and success. Bernie and his partners were unable to secure a loan and faced countless problems trying to get off the ground. But thanks to Bernie’s insightful, steady leadership, Home Depot grew—and grew and grew!

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  2. Lara Hodgson- Developing Great Business Ideas

    Where does a great business idea come from? Lara Hodgson, founder and CEO of Nourish, sat down to talk with Matt Tarkenton about where she got the idea for her business, and what steps she took to nurture it from idea to reality. Many times, an idea for a business will come from a need that you discover in your own life, which is what happened for Lara after she had a child. She found problems she was experiencing, came up with solutions, and took the steps she shares in this interview!

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  3. Craig Binkley- Branding Six Pack

    In this interview, Craig shares his six-pack of tips for personal branding—what to do when your business is built around your name. Brand is everything and it goes beyond just your name or logo. Craig’s personal branding six-pack highlights the principles you should follow to create an effective brand strategy.

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  4. Dana Brownlee- Strategic Planning

    When you go independent, you need a plan. You have to understand the ins and outs of your business, and you have to be strategic about every step along the way. Even if your plan is changing in response to events as they happen, there still needs to be a model or blueprint that you are thinking about and following. Combining objective advice from people outside your business with critical thinking about your own efforts gives you a great chance to succeed.

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  5. Tim Halloran- Product Innovation

    Tim shares the five things to remember when you are developing new ideas for products and services. His approach is very practical and easy to implement - focus on your customers, understand their needs and wants, and dig deeper to uncover unrealized needs and wants. Above all, Tim says, you need to be constantly looking at what you’re doing; you have to come up with lots of ideas and think critically about them to find the best direction to go.

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